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Wednesday 15 August 2018


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Floor plans/Design Builders can provide 100’s of sample plans to help guide your home selection. Modular homes are highly customized in their interior and exterior appearances. Full custom modular builders offer design centers with 3D virtual walk through services, and the ability to design from scratch or accept private architect’s rendering. Most custom builders can provide sample plans they’ve built, offer design services, or direct you to plans on the Internet. You can also hire an architect to design your home according to your preference. In either case, full customization is offered. Larger builders/developers offer select plans only for their lots.
Building Codes Homes built in a factory are treated as traditional homes that follow and exceed both state and local building code and regulations. Conventional stick-built homes are subject to the local buildings code and regulations.
Energy Efficiency Part of the over-building process for roadworthiness includes screwing and gluing drywall and sheathing for tensile strength and reduced racking. This creates a tighter building envelope that is draft-resistant and energy efficient Heavier 2×6 exterior walls containing R21 insulation are standard, as are double-pane windows w/ low-E glass. Choices run the full gamut. In order to

compete with the economies of modular building, many stick builders will offer cheap “builder-grade” construction and material finishes. Builder grade insulation packages, windows, house wrap, lead to less efficient homes.

Time Frame This normal timeframe is 4-6 months. There are time savings since construction can begin in the factory at the same time your foundation is being created on your site. Weather has a small impact on the schedule. The normal timeframe is 8-14 months. Since all construction occurs on site, work projects can not start until the previous project is completed. The work schedule is dependent on weather conditions.
Resale Value Off-site built Modular homes increase in value. Once they are completed it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between Conventional stick-built homes and Off-site stick built modular homes. These homes can also be improved or expanded to accommodate new owners preferences. Conventional stick-built homes will increase in value over time. They can be improved and expanded to accommodate new owners preferences.
Appearance The same as any Conventional stick-built home. You can add any style of window, door, wall or architectural feature you prefer. Once completed you cannot tell the difference between Off-site built modular and Conventional stick-built home. The appearance can be customized to the home owner’s preference. Traditional homes can accommodate any architectural preference.
Building Process Assembly-line building in an off-site stick-built factory. This removes delays cause by the weather and vandalism damages. This more efficient process reduces the cost when compared to conventional stick-built homes. The costliest building process which requires almost the entire house to be custom constructed. It will require more people which will take more time since they do not work on the same type of house every day. It is also vulnerable to weather delays and vandalism costs. This process is the most likely to result in damaged building products like warped wood from rain exposure.