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Wednesday 23 January 2019

Why Choose Pine Ridge Homes?

Posted by at 11:01 AM

Why Choose Pine Ridge Homes?

  • Our homes are built in a controlled environment. A car isn’t dropped off to your home in pieces and assembled on site.  Your house shouldn’t be either.  A controlled environment keeps your home out of harmful weather.
  • An assembly line process through the various stages of construction means higher levels of consistency in the building process.
  • Third party inspections happen routinely in the factory to ensure quality control and code compliance.
  • Engineering and drafting departments means higher levels of customization and flexibility in floor plan designs.
  • More precise construction equates to higher levels of energy efficiency due to the building methods, quality of materials, and inspections throughout the production process.
  • Our homes are stronger and weigh more than a traditional home. They are being transported and installed with a crane.  Therefore they have to be “overbuilt.”  The result is a stronger home than traditional methods and a standard 10 year structural warranty.
  • By utilizing factory construction you avoid cost overruns. Our model homes and showrooms enable you to customize plans, choose various options and amenities, and then place your home order at a set price.  You can save money and undue stress by purchasing one of our home packages.
  • Quicker build times and a more efficient construction process can mean less time paying on a construction loan. Save time and money by utilizing a system built factory construction process.