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Frequently Asked Questions About Modular Homes

Modular homes from Pine Ridge Homes are constructed via modular building systems. All homes are built in a climate-controlled environment using state-of-the-art engineering and assembly line techniques. Your home is built to all applicable building code requirements with only brand name building materials State or independent third party inspectors carefully inspect each home we build. Homes are shipped to the building site 60-80 percent complete where they are set to on the foundation and then completed by Pine Ridge Homes’ staff & subcontractors. Once completed, modular homes are indistinguishable from “on-site built” homes.

Today’s modular homes are models of efficiency and quality assurance. The process of building your new home starts with the design phase. Your new home is drafted using computer aided design, CAD programs, that assists in executing exacting drawings and materials lists. Once designed, the building process begins. This process involves modern production assembly techniques. Your home travels from station to station where all of the building trades are represented. Since the home is being constructed indoors, work is never delayed due to weather, sub-contractor no shows or missing materials. The quality control process assures you that your home has been inspected for code compliance and workmanship. In-plant inspectors as well as independent third-party inspection agencies inspect each home to make sure that your new home meets all the state and local codes.

Energy Star Efficent

Yes! Pine Ridge Homes is committed to using energy efficient building methods and materials. Our homes are built standard with 2” x 6” exterior walls and R-19 insulation, R-38 blown-in ceiling insulation, thermo-pane low-e glass windows, and insulated exterior doors.

Green building is a practice of using sustainable materials and designs in new construction. Modular homes are, by their very nature, green. Assembly in an enclosed indoor environment minimizes waste material at the factory and at the job site. It lessens the environmental impact on the land and the community where the house is being delivered, and allows for a tightly built structure to maximize energy efficiency – all of which are key components to green building standards.

Absolutely! Pine Ridge Homes has hundreds of customizable floor plans available, or you may bring in your own plan.

Mortgage lenders treat modular homes the same as site-built homes and offer the same mortgage options. Appraisals and insurance for modular homes are also treated the same as homes built on-site. In addition, modular homes appreciate in value at the same rate as comparable site built homes in your area.

You are welcome to obtain your own financing – Pine Ridge Homes will be happy to work with your financial institution. Also, Pine Ridge Homes can refer you to any number of local lenders that we have worked with in the past.